Motion Sensor Lights Improve Home Security

Did you know that motion sensor lights are one of the easiest ways to improve home safety? Home intruders typically rely on stealth and darkness to break into homes. Once a criminal has triggered a motion sensor light, they will often feel exposed and immediately leave the premises.

Motion sensor lights should be installed in the places where they are most needed. Entrances to homes (both front and back), in front of garages, and the perimeter of your home, including ground windows are the prime installation areas. The majority of motion activated lighting options come with Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors. These sensors actively detect the infrared energy that emanates from our bodies. With the installation of motion sensor lights you can rest easy knowing that the PIR technology will detect any movement, before the intruder can make his way inside.

To find out more about how motion safety lighting can improve home safety, simply contact Fornoff Electric today. Fornoff Electric fulfills all electrical needs for residents in Westlake Village, Conejo Valley, and the Thousand Oaks areas. The Fornoff Electric team specializes in all lighting installations, including motion sensors for additional home safety.

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