Decorating with Recessed Lighting: The Better Look

Recessed lighting is perceived as the better look in decorating because without bulbs hanging down from the ceiling, the look is more streamlined.  The amount of light is increased and this type of lighting helps to focus on a particular area such as hung artwork, or recessed lighting can make a room seem bigger. It is best to install this type of lighting when building a house.


The ideal time to install recessed lighting is when a home is being built.  The lights are placed between the ceiling joists and are part of the original install. When updating an existing home, adding recessed lighting can be quite challenging and a licensed electrician should be consulted.  It’s important to choose the right fixtures; for example, if used near insulation, the lighting fixtures should be rated (IC housing rated). There are safety factors to consider and it must be decided what size bulbs to use.

Recessed bulbs come in basic sizes of 4, 5, and 6 inches in diameter. The smaller sizes have a sleek, modern look, and are perfect for smaller spaces.  The 6 inch size works best in entryways with a tall ceiling.

Recessed lighting is a great look for the home whether in the planning stages of building a home, or for an updated look in one room or many.

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