How To Baby-Proof Your Electrical Outlets And Wires

The home is full of risks and hazards for a curious baby, but there are simple steps to take to reduce them. Extra care should be taken with the electrical system because it has the power to severely injure a full-grown adult. Try these tips around your house to make sure your bundle of joy stays safe.

Start by putting on outlet covers. These small, inexpensive plastic devices keep tiny fingers and toys out of the sockets. They’re strong enough to withstand a toddler’s attempt to remove them, but come out easily when an adult needs to plug something in. Sliding switch plates also work to cover outlets when not in use. Invest in outlet locks as well to make sure plugs stay in when tugged on by curious explorers.

Move those electrical cords as well so crawling family members can’t wrap themselves up or chew on them when teething starts. It’s also best to use simple latches and locks to keep babies out of risky rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, where it’s too easy for an electrical device to get knocked into water.

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