Improve Safety And Use Less Energy With Motion-Activated Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential in both urban and rural areas, but keeping on a high-intensity flood light all night uses up a lot of power. Many homeowners have had to switch off their outdoor lights to keep electricity bills under control. However, there is a simple solution that increases the safety of your property without using up too much power.

Try Motion Activation

By swapping your switch controlled outdoor lights for motion-activated lighting, you can get the illumination you need with an intruder or stray animal immediately. These detectors have quite a range. With proper spacing and installation, you can surround your entire yard with inexpensive fixtures that give enough light to highlight anything unusual when movement triggers the switch.

Saving Power

These motion activated options are energy friendly because they keep the lights off when they’re not needed. Since most homeowners turn to halogen or other high-draw bulbs for exterior use, these lights cost more to run constantly than a bulb you’d use indoors.

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