Hot Ceiling Fixtures

Fornoff Electric has been serving the areas of Conejo Valley and Thousand Oaks since 1968. Specializing in lighting designs, installations, electrical upgrades, and service work, Fornoff Electric is the answer to a remodelers dream. Choose your design style, and they do the rest.

Lighting Designs

Reduce the temperature in your home with a decorative ceiling fan. Quiet blades offer a cool breeze and reduce the need for expensive central air. Some models are equipped with lights which provide more than just a light breeze.   Ceiling fans range in cost with the lowest price beginning at $75.00 with additional parts and labor.  If no electric is currently in place, Fornoff will supply a box or upgrade an existing electrical supply. Fornoff will install the chosen model(s) and when experts manage the installation, clients are provided peace of mind with glorious results.


Fornoff Electric safely installs the hardware of ceiling fans.  Fornoff experts have put together and hooked up hundreds of models. It is vital that ceiling fans are mounted properly for the long-term safety of the unit. If a building does not have electric running to the designated area for the ceiling fan, Fornoff will run the wiring.  Fornoff will also upgrade the existing box if that is necessary.  Fornoff is capable of doing whatever the job entails to provide great results, which is why Fornoff Electric has such a powerful reputation.


·         Electrical Repair:  Fornoff offers electric repairs for emergency situations.  Lighting your situation is what Fornoff does best.

·         Ceiling Fans:  The Fornoff team understands the importance of hanging ceiling fans and providing proper installation of hardware and mounting for long-term safety.

·         Home and Business:  Fornoff provides repair services and electrical panel upgrades to both commercial and residential properties.

Contact Fornoff Electric  to learn about the full range of hot ceiling fixtures in Conejo Valley and Thousand Oaks. Operating since 1968, Fornoff Electric has become the “go to” for installation of ceiling fans, electrical repairs and upgrades.  Fornoff services both residential and commercial properties and looks forward to new and returning business!