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Electrical Shock: How It Can Happen To You

Under normal circumstances, the last thing you expect when you turn on a lamp, a light switch or even open the refrigerator is an electrical shock. However, if the right circumstances occur, that could be exactly what happens and, if you’re truly unfortunate, could kill you. With a little knowledge and the right precautions and protections, electrical shocks can be something you never have to worry about.

Electricity in all its forms, from the huge lightning strikes to the power used in your home to light the kitchen wants to get from point A (where it originates) to point B (the ground). However it can get there the easiest, it will. Lightning will hit a tree to get to the ground which is why you never hide under a tree during a lightning storm and in your home, electricity flows through your circuit box, through whichever circuits have an open path to ground. This means it can be taken through lamps, video games, hair dryers and even (through a very circuitous route) the mouse on your computer. If there’s a fault in any of your home circuits, you could be in for an electrical shock and, if enough electricity flows through you, an injury or even death is possible.

If you live in the Conejo Valley area, contacting an electric company like Fornoff Electric in Thousand Oaks, California to have them inspect your home can provide the assurance you need that you won’t have to deal with electrical shocks. Replacing wall outlets near areas where water is used such as the kitchen and the bathroom with a special outlet called a GFCI outlet (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) can keep you from bodily harm if something were to happen. Fornoff Electric can take care of all your electrical needs to keep you safe!

Circuit Breakers: What You Should Know

For many decades, the only line of defense between the power grid and an electrical problem in the home was a fuse. Without these fuses, an electrical issue such as a short or other problem could easily degenerate into a fire. However, with fuses, if a short took place, the fuse would overload and burn out. Sometimes, a fuse would blow for no apparent reason, leaving the homeowner quite literally in the dark.

The drawbacks to fuses are they’re one-shot devices. Once it burns out, it has to be replaced with a good one. If you didn’t have one to replace it, this meant you had to make an emergency trip to the store to buy some. Another drawback is the fact that there are many different types of fuses. Each fuse was designed to support specific amperage. If you consider electricity like water, then the higher the amperage of the fuse, the more “water” can flow through it before it blows out.

This meant a homeowner had to keep track of 10, 20 and 30 amp fuses and, to add insult to injury, “stick” fuses for the main fuse block designed to control how much electricity would flow into each sub-block had to be kept on hand as well. Not only was this an added, often unwelcome, expense but was confusing as well. Even though the fuses were different amperages, they were all the same size which could cause even more blown fuses.

Today, with the proliferation of inexpensive circuit breakers, the fuse box is no longer the hassle it used to be. With the simple flick of a switch, you can reset your circuit breaker if the circuit “blows” which means no more trips to the store in the middle of the night. If you’re home still has the old fuse boxes, and you live in the Conejo Valley area, contact Fornoff Electric in Thousand Oaks, California and have it replaced with a modern breaker box. Breakers are more effective, easier to deal with and, in the long run, much cheaper than fuses.

Why People Are Choosing Fornoff Electric Over Other Companies

People in the Westlake Village, Conejo Valley and Thousand Oaks areas need fast and reliable electrical repair services in their homes or businesses. So why are they calling Fornoff Electric first for their electrical issues?

First off, we here at Fornoff Electric are licensed electrical specialists that have been in business since 1968. We are a second-generation family-owned business with a team of experienced electricians on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Second, we do more than just electrical repair work for residential and commercial buildings. We also offer lighting designs so you can have the best lighting based on the architecture of the room. Other services we provide include electrical upgrades and electrical inspections and custom installations.

As a comprehensive electrical services company, we here at Fornoff Electric offer superior customer service, experience and quality electrical work to a broad range of clients. It is for all these reasons that people choose us over other repair companies.

So if you are in the Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks or Conejo Valley areas and need electrical repairs or service, contact us at Fornoff Electric at 805-496-9620.

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Reduce Electricity Consumption

Modern life is packed with conveniences that require a steady supply of electricity.  As comfort seekers, Americans demand optimal levels of light, heat, cooling and entertainment.  Once the electric bill arrives, pain in the household budget requires significant adjustments to daily habits to realize savings.

  • Update appliances – HVAC equipment has been upgraded with each new model since furnaces and air conditioners were invented.  Older appliances that are responsible for heating and cooling the living space will consume much more electricity.  Refrigerators and freezers use less energy than ever before.  The homeowner is wise to maintain full food storage areas to enhance efficiency.
  • Look for hidden consumers – Computers, stereo equipment and LED televisions will draw power whenever the plug is in the outlet.  Surge protectors should be turned off when these power consumers are not in use.  Unplug all appliances when not in use.
  • Insulate against the elements – Heat and cold outside should be prevented from entering the house around pipes, windows and doors.  Efforts to caulk and insulate can improve living comfort while reducing the amount of electricity required to maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

For more ideas about reducing electricity consumption in Conejo Valley, Westlake Village, or Thousand Oaks, contact Fornoff Electric, today!

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Does Your Home Electrical System Require an Upgrade?

Switches that trigger the proper response can lull the homeowner into a sense of false security.  Aging electrical systems can pose significant risks as larger demands are placed on each circuit.  New appliances and electronics are larger, yet more efficient.  Older homes require specialized care when accessing electrical power through older outlets and switches.

In certain instances, updating the entire system is the prudent approach for safety.  Signs that your home needs an electrical system update might include:

  • Minor load increases cause breakers to trip or fuses to blow
  • Fingers sense the presence of electricity when an appliance is touched
  • Dimming lights when appliances are running
  • Flickering lights as electrical equipment switches on
  • Consistent burning smell in the same location
  • Discoloration on the outlet plates
  • Outlets that are two-pronged
  • Circuits do not have GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupters

Homes that were built in the middle of the 20th century might have aluminum wiring throughout the entire house.  This is considered a significant safety hazard that will require attention.  Aluminum wiring can cause house fires.

If you have concerns about the wiring in your home in Conejo Valley, Westlake Village,  or Thousand Oaks contact Fornoff Electric for more information, today!

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(Any homes built 40 years ago; your home insurance company requires that your home is checked out for system upgrades. If for some reason something happens to your home and it was never checked out by a specialist your monthly premium could raise!)

Motion Sensor Lights Improve Home Security

Did you know that motion sensor lights are one of the easiest ways to improve home safety? Home intruders typically rely on stealth and darkness to break into homes. Once a criminal has triggered a motion sensor light, they will often feel exposed and immediately leave the premises.

Motion sensor lights should be installed in the places where they are most needed. Entrances to homes (both front and back), in front of garages, and the perimeter of your home, including ground windows are the prime installation areas. The majority of motion activated lighting options come with Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors. These sensors actively detect the infrared energy that emanates from our bodies. With the installation of motion sensor lights you can rest easy knowing that the PIR technology will detect any movement, before the intruder can make his way inside.

To find out more about how motion safety lighting can improve home safety, simply contact Fornoff Electric today. Fornoff Electric fulfills all electrical needs for residents in Westlake Village, Conejo Valley, and the Thousand Oaks areas. The Fornoff Electric team specializes in all lighting installations, including motion sensors for additional home safety.

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