Electrical Shock: How It Can Happen To You

Under normal circumstances, the last thing you expect when you turn on a lamp, a light switch or even open the refrigerator is an electrical shock. However, if the right circumstances occur, that could be exactly what happens and, if you’re truly unfortunate, could kill you. With a little knowledge and the right precautions and protections, electrical shocks can be something you never have to worry about.

Electricity in all its forms, from the huge lightning strikes to the power used in your home to light the kitchen wants to get from point A (where it originates) to point B (the ground). However it can get there the easiest, it will. Lightning will hit a tree to get to the ground which is why you never hide under a tree during a lightning storm and in your home, electricity flows through your circuit box, through whichever circuits have an open path to ground. This means it can be taken through lamps, video games, hair dryers and even (through a very circuitous route) the mouse on your computer. If there’s a fault in any of your home circuits, you could be in for an electrical shock and, if enough electricity flows through you, an injury or even death is possible.

If you live in the Conejo Valley area, contacting an electric company like Fornoff Electric in Thousand Oaks, California to have them inspect your home can provide the assurance you need that you won’t have to deal with electrical shocks. Replacing wall outlets near areas where water is used such as the kitchen and the bathroom with a special outlet called a GFCI outlet (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) can keep you from bodily harm if something were to happen. Fornoff Electric can take care of all your electrical needs to keep you safe!